What’d We Learn: Bergamo


Getting subbed out sucks, but it happens. It’s a part of the game and it’s a part of team sports. Our 3-1 W against Bergamo was a collective TEAM win that proved that. Just about every one of our team members got a chance to get on the floor and contribute to beating a really strong Bergamo squad. I was subbed out during the beginning of the second set and didn’t get back on the floor until the fourth. It wasn’t my best game and it certainly won’t be the last time I feel like I could’ve played better, but win or lose, start or not, there’s always something to take away from a game. So here’s what we learned.


One, mentally prepping for an away match is JUST as important as mentally prepping for a home match, but the process may look a lot different. The way that I prepare for a home game probably won’t be the same as prepping for an away game because soooo many factors are different. I need to be able to find a comfortable routine on the road though because a match is a match and I need to have my mind right! Finding my match day mental routine for away games is a new goal I’m setting for myself. Just a few key things I can stick to on game day that will get my brain locked in on the game. I’m starting with: review the scouting report, listen to my game day go-to song, and elevate my feet on a wall for 5 min just before we leave. Hopefully building this routine will help me feel more mentally awake, aware, and ready to go on game day!

Secondly, I learned that I really need to work on pressing my hands over the net on high balls. I have a bad habit of reaching up to the ball rather than reaching over. So one of the skills I want to work on in practice this week is pressing my hands THROUGH the plane of the net and holding them there for as long as I can. Honestly, it’s a skill I’ve been trying to perfect since college, some things don’t click as well others. But, I’m not giving up on it! I will conquer this skill someday!!!


So there’s are my two big takeaways from the Bergamo game. If you have any questions about “What We Learned” please feel free to ask or if you’d like to know more about blocking technique and skills feel free to leave a comment! Thanks so much for reading! Saturday we play Cuneo, so tune in next time to see what we’re going to learn next! Byyyyeeeeee!!


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